Arthur Valdes was a 20th century Estonian writer and theatre innovator whose life is still largely a mystery to us. Having made his début by publishing poems under several pseudonyms among the works of the neo-romantic literary group Young Estonia, he disappeared during the First World War, so that Friedebert Tuglas even wrote his obituary. But then he turned up again in 1927, having spent years in Italy, France and Germany, and having become acquainted with the theatrical experiments by Adolphe Appia and Gordon Craig. Right after his arrival to Estonia Valdes started an experimental theatre project, attempting to synthesise his European experience into his own original form of theatre, but as business affairs soon forced him to continue his journey to Russia, the work was cancelled. It would have remained a secret, what happened in that rehearsal room, unless the Estonian Museum of Literature hadn’t discovered some lost notes by Valdes, according to which the troupe of “Midnight Sun” is now trying to continue his theatrical experiment.