The high society in a small town in Russian province is burning with curiosity, when a mysterious good-looking gentleman called Chichikov arrives to their neck of the woods and immediately starts building good relationships with local officials. To everyone’s surprise he soon undertakes a tour around nearby manors, making a most bizarre proposition to the landowners: to sell him the serfs who have died. As the government would tax landowners based on how many serfs they owned, but the censuses were infrequent, the landowners would often pay taxes on serfs that were no longer living. It is these dead souls, existing on paper only, that Chichikov seeks to purchase. Why does he need them, however, is kept in secret…

Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls, first published in 1842, takes a satirical glance on a society that is led by greed, corruption, dishonesty and stupidity.

For Hendrik Toompere, long-time resident director of the Estonian Drama Theatre, Dead Souls is the first production in Tallinn City Theatre.

The production includes some scenes where people smoke.


Piret Kalda - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Supporting Actress, 2015
Allan Noormets - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Supporting Actor, 2015
Pille Jänes - Estonian Annual Theatre Award for Best Designer, 2015