It’s the year 1576. The Livonian War has already lasted for eighty years. As far as you can look, you can see fields covered in weeds, ruins of manors and burnt down villages. The famous Livonian Order has withered under Russian attacks and given itself to the service of the King of Sweden. But the Swedes only rule Tallinn and its proximities. The Russian army is invading more and more territories and approaching the North. The manors of Haapsalu and Koluvere surrender, as the Russians move closer to Tallinn. The city council of Tallinn and the local Swedish authorities are fortifying the city and gathering ammunition. Ivo Schenkenberg is convening peasants who have fled to Tallinn, in order to form a brigade to protect the city. 

And in the middle of all the uproar two young souls happen to meet – a nobleman’s daughter Agnes von Mönnikhusen, destined to marry a rich young aristocrat, and the mysterious wanderer Gabriel. It’s the beginning of a great adventure that will put their new and tender love to a test.