Krabat, a young beggar who’s travelling around the country with his friends, is very happy when he suddenly gets a chance to become an apprentice at an isolated mill. He soon discovers, though, that instead of grinding white flour people in Koselbruch mill are dealing with black magic. Krabat finds himself in a world filled with secrets and mysteries, he sees malice and death, but also bravery, sacrifice and loyalty. He has to ask himself what’s the price of freedom, whether the possession of secret knowledge outweighs living in fear, and how much can be achieved by selfless love.

“Krabat” is a play for grown-ups who love magic, adventures and fairy tales, as well as for the younger viewers. Because of certain sombre elements it is not advisable for children under seven years of age.

The production includes some scenes where pyrotechnics and theatrical smoke (not harmful to health) are used.