What’s the most dangerous moment you’ve had on stage? Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Should the artistic people stick to what they know best?

Since October 2014 the actors of Tallinn City Theatre are once a month looking for answers to these and many other questions. “Contact” is a public interview in front of a live audience, where in addition to talking we can see past or present roles come to life, experience embarrassing or liberating laughter, and witness something we haven’t witnessed before. Once a month, on Wednesdays, you are welcome to join us at the Horse Mill and meet two of our actors.

This series of events is a prelude to the celebration of Tallinn City Theatre’s 50th anniversary in 13 February 2016. “Contact” is organised by Veiko Tubin, Paavo Piik and Henrik Kalmet. All the events are recorded and broadcast by the Estonian National Television and available at etv.err.ee.