In an old Manhattan apartment that has stayed untouched for many years a diary is discovered from under a mattress. It’s filled with short and perhaps even coded entries from 1960ies, when the flat was occupied by two young architects. At the very beginning of their careers, they spent days, desperately trying to design their first building, without knowing that they are only a few steps away from being world famous. Thirty five years later their children meet up at the apartment, preparing to go to the reading of their parents’ will, and try to solve the mystery that this unusually laconic diary seems to contain.

Richard Greenberg (born in 1958) is an American playwright whose plays have won numerous prestigious awards. He collaborates closely with the New York theatres Ensemble Studio Theatre and South Coast Repertory, where most of his new work is first staged. “Three Days of Rain” was nominated for Pulitzer Prize in 1998 and it has been produced several times with the participation of different world renowned stars (for example Julia Roberts and James McAvoy) both on Broadway and the West End. This is the first time the play has been produced in Estonia. 

The production includes scenes where people smoke.


Veiko Tubin – Estonian Annual Theatre Award for Best Original Music and Music Direction, 2014