“Karin. Indrek. Truth and Justice. Part Four”, an adaptation of A. H. Tammsaare’s classic novel, is a story about the basic conflict between husband and wife, man and woman, during the early years of the First Estonian Republic. A decade has passed since the end of the First World War and the Estonian War of Independence, and people of the new republic try to follow the European trends, sometimes forgetting the old traditions. It is a world of freedom and democracy, but also a world of banks, mortgages, real-estate speculations and fishy business affairs. While Karin wishes to be a part of the rising bourgeois society, Indrek thinks that salvation and meanig of life can be found only in hard work. The inability of husband and wife to understand each other creates a dramatic conflict with unexpectedly tragic consequences. Although written in the beginning of 1930ies, the story appears incredibly up-to-date in today’s Estonia.