“How I learned to drive” is a complicated story about a girl becoming an adult. The play is a collection of memories of a fourty-year-old woman from age eleven. The title of the play is significant in several ways. Especially in America, where the play was written, getting a driver’s licence symbolizes becoming an adult. But the person teaching our young heroine to drive is her aunt’s husband, who falls in love with the precocious girl. Being noticed by the charming, but lonely older man tickles the girl’s vanity, whereas his advances make her uncomfortable. A relationship between a grown man and an underage girl is a delicate subject, to which the author approaches with both compassion and severity – it is clear that this is not the formula of happiness for either of them. However, Vogel doesn’t place her heroine into the role of a victim, but depicts her as a young lady who knows how to speak up for herself.