“By 2030 depression will be the world’s leading cause for the incapacity to work.”
“Depression is a fashionable imaginary disease.”
“Depression is underdiagnosed.”
“Depression is overtreated.” 

"Magick Mend...", created in cooperation of Tallinn City Theatre and Estonian Drama Theatre, narrates Estonians’ true stories about their depression and getting better. The two parallel productions (performed in Estonian under titles "Harakale haigus..." and "Varesele valu...", literally “Let the Magpie Take Your Illness…” and “Let the Crow Take Your Pain…” - well-known lines from Estonian folklore) are based on interviews with young people who have spent most of their life in the independent Estonia. The writers-directors were interested in the question, why is the number of people who are suffering from depression, especially among the younger generations, increasing despite the improvement of the living standard, and they were especially keen to learn about the ways of conquering it. The interviews resulted in fourteen inspiring monologues that are divided between the two productions, performed simultaneously in two different places. “Let the Magpie Take Your Illness…” is performed in Tallinn City Theatre and “Let the Crow Take Your Pain…” in the Estonian Drama Theatre. In some sense they are two parts of the same production that meet in the end, but each of them can also be regarded as an independent play.

These two productions were created in order to give hope, not to take it away.