Priit Võigemast’s “Hamlet” brings together a number of interesting young artists – Marion Undusk (set and costume design), Priidu Adlas (lighting design), Rasmus Puur (original music) and Veiko Tubin (music director). Their joint creative aspirations are crowned by the director’s attempt to give Shakespeare’s timeless classic a characteristic tinge of his own through memorable historical nuances, several unique roles and the authentic verse that hasn’t lost an ounce of its originality over the years.

This is the second “Hamlet” in Tallinn City Theatre during the last fourteen years and Alo Kõrve’s title role is the fourteenth Hamlet in Estonian theatre. History plays an important role in Võigemast’s production – the director has been inspired by the liquor smuggling between Finland and Estonia in the 1920ies, as well as by the students' sword duels organised by fraternities during the pre-occupation years.

Priit Võigemast has touched the subject of “Hamlet” before in his devised comedy “For Hecuba” (2009). His previous production was the film-like “End of the Chain” (2012) that received several prizes at the Baltic Theatre Festival. 


Alo Kõrve – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for Best Leading Actor, 2013

Evelin Võigemast – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for Best Leading Actress, 2013