How is it possible for an Estonian to have lived their whole life in Estonia without having a single Russian friend, even though one fourth of Estonian citizens are Russians? To find an answer to this question Mari-Liis Lill and Paavo Piik decided to test the process of integration on themselves, together with actors from Russian Theatre in Estonia. They formed a laboratory in which a group of actors from Tallinn City Theatre started learning Russian and a group of actors from the Russian Theatre started learning Estonian. The language courses lasted for two years.

In addition to learning each other's language they met with about 15 Estonian and Russian experts on integration politics and discussed in these meetings what to do to bring the Estonian citizens from two nationalities closer to each other.

If all Russian-speaking Estonian citizens left the country tomorrow, would Estonia be a better place? If they all started to speak Estonian tomorrow, would all the political problems be solved? Is integration something that can be done from top down?

„At Second Sight“ is a theatre trip in documentary style that starts simultaneously from Tallinn City Theatre (in Estonian language) and Russian Theatre (in Russian language). The second half of the trip takes place at Lindakivi Cultural Centre in Lasnamäe and is acted out in two languages at the same time. Directed in the style of a sketch-show, „Cosmos“ at Lindakivi can also be watched as a separate performance.

Authors and directors Mari-Liis Lill and Paavo Piik have previously staged the critically acclaimed documentary piece about depression „Magick Mend...“

Illustration: Evi Pärn „Different languages, one nation“ (2008)