The famous actress Esme Allen lives in a picturesque village near London with her mother-in-law, whom she inherited from a long-dead husband. One day her daughter Amy, whom she hasn’t seen in a while, unexpectedly comes home to visit. She brings a young man with her, wishing to introduce him to the family…

"Amy’s View", written in 1997, is a classical British family drama, a psychological game of emotions on the scale from adoration to fury. Generational gaps, a different view on art and a different view on money are brought into play. For some reason the most destructive battles are often fought at home with the people closest to you. And for some reason it sometimes seems a question of life and death to establish who is right and who is wrong.

Sir David Hare (born in 1947) is an English playwright and actor, as well as theatre and film director. Since 1978 he has been closely collaborating with the National Theatre in London. The numerous awards that he has received include BAFTA, the Golden Bear from the Berlin Film Festival, the Olivier Award and the London Theatre Critics Award. He was knighted in 1998.

Anu Lamp – Estonian National Culture Award, 2012
Hele Kõrve – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for Best Leading Actress, 2012
“Amy’s View” was chosen as the best production of the year 2012 by the critics of “Theatre. Music. Cinema” magazine.