Festival programme in 20004 included:

"The Slave", directed by Yevgeny Arye, Gesher Theatre (Israel) 
"S.V.", directed by Pavel Adamchikov, Yanka Kupala Academic Theatre of Belarus
"Girlpower", directed by Malin Stenberg, Backa Theatre (Sweden) 
"Unnecessary People", directed by Reko Lundan, KOM Theatre (Finland) 
"Fathers and Sons", directed by Adolph Shapiro, Tallinn City Theatre (Estonia)
"Vincent", directed by Ain Prosa, Tallinn City Theatre (Estonia)  

 In addition: seminars on new drama and theatre for young people, acting workshop by Adolph Shapiro (with Estonian drama students). 

Artistic Director of 2004 festival: Jaan J. Leppik