A. H. Tammsaare’s epic novel „Truth and Justice” is one of the groundstones of Estonian literature. Elmo Nüganen’s production is based on the second of the five volumes. The action, based largely on the author’s own memories, takes place in the private grammar school of Mr. Maurus in the early years of the 20th century. The main hero, Indrek, is a young man from the country who comes to town to study. In Maurus’ school he meets a colourful variety of teachers and students of different nations and becomes familiar with new ideas and ways. He is much influenced by the revolutionary opinions of some of the teachers, as well as by the manipulations of Maurus, whom he later blames for having taught him how to tell lies. The second part of “Truth and Justice” has often been named “man’s battle with God”. Indrek, having come from a strong religious background of rural regions of the time, starts questioning the existence of God. He falls deeply in love with Maurus’ only daughter Ramilda, and when she dies of tuberculosis, Indrek renounces God, publishing an article in the school paper, which gets him expelled. Containing philosophical and tragic as well as comic and romantic elements, „Truth and Justice. Part Two” is a dynamic version of a classical story. The colourful characters of the multi-national community give ample opportunities for both comedy and drama.