"The Republic of Wargamäe" is based on the third volume of Tammsaare's epic novel "Truth and Justice". The year 1905. In Russia a revolution has broken out and its aftermath has reached Estonia. The workers protest against the Russian tsarist government as well as the tyranny of Baltic-German aristocracy. The workers start a rebellion, which is roughly suppressed by the tsarist soldiers - in the city streets are covered in blood and in the country the estates of the ruling class are set on fire. Indrek, having been expelled from the school of Mr. Maurus for renouncing God, has moved to the capital and wishes to prepare for university exams, but he too finds himself caught in the middle of the revolution. He strives for brining about the change and fighting for justice, but at the same time tries to stay human in the middle of pillaging and destruction, and to find logic in the world where a friend can soon become an enemy and anyone can turn out to be an informer. But the real weight of actions and choices strikes Indrek when he returns to his home farm Vargamäe, where his mother Mari is dying and his father Andres is still searching for truth and justice. Awards: “The Republic of Wargamäe" was selected the best performance of the season 2007/2008 by theatre critics of the magazine “Theatre. Music. Cinema”.