To Music

Ketil Bjørnstad / Diana Leesalu
Diana Leesalu

What does it really mean to be the best? Is it freedom or restriction?

Based on Ketil Bjørnstad’s novel “To Music”, Diana Leesalu has created a production about dedication to being the best. One of the greatest pianists in history, Arthur Rubinstein, claimed that he never practiced more than three hours a day. “There are books I want to read, women I want to get to know, pictures I want to look at and wine that has to be drunk.” But to be able to afford practicing only three hours a day, one has to be Arthur Rubinstein. All others practice seven or twelve hours a day. Which is definitely a high price to pay for the chance to be at the top. Especially since practice alone might not always be enough. In order to mediate something extraordinary to others, the artist must have that special something… But what is it?


* Some motifs in the production have been inspired by Boris Pavlovich’s production “Pianists” (Theatre Globus, Novosibirsk).


Ketil Bjørnstad / Diana Leesalu


Diana Leesalu

Translated by

Elvi Lumet

Set design by

Kristjan Suits

Lighting design by

Emil Kallas

Musical design by

Veiko Tubin

Arrangements by

Rasmus Puur

Singing instructor

Riina Roose

Stage movement by

Oliver Reimann


5. November 2021


Salme Cultural Centre's small stage (Salme 12)


3 hours (with intermission), in two acts