The Children

Lucy Kirkwood
Elmo Nüganen

What is my responsibility, what’s in my power and what do I want to leave behind for the next generations?

Hazel and Robin are two married physicists who decided to quit their jobs in the nuclear plant and dedicate their retirement years to organic farming. Their children had grown up and left home years ago, they were living the simple life. Until the catastrophe happened. And until Rose arrived.

Lucy Kirkwood tells the story of three scientists who share a past, forced by destiny to look into the future together.


Lucy Kirkwood


Elmo Nüganen

Translated by

Oliver Berg

Set design by

Reinis Suhanovs (Latvia)

Costume design by

Reet Aus

Music design by

Riina Roose

Lighting design by

Kristjan Suits

Sound design by

Arbo Maran


1. February 2021


Salme Cultural Centre's Small Stage (Salme 12)


2 hours and 15 minutes (with intermission), in two acts

The cast

Hendrik Toompere (Estonian Drama Theatre)

Peeter Tammearu (guest)