Pascal Rambert
Pascal Rambert

Your sister might be your closest person or meanest enemy. Or both at the same time.

Pascal Rambert brings two sisters to the stage – one a journalist and the other a human rights activist – right after their mother has died. The unexpected reunion turns into a confrontation, where all weapons are used, no memory is sacred and not a single embarrassing or painful topic remains untouched. Piece by piece a picture of a family of French intellectuals is formed, of their passions, pains, fears, love and thirst for life and how each of its members have tried to change the world in their own way.

“Sisters” made its way to Tallinn City Theatre’s repertoire through Midwinter Night’s Dream festival, which in 2020 was supposed to be dedicated to the Paris theatre Bouffes du Nord, that was led by Peter Brook for decades. Due to the coronavirus wave, the festival as a whole was postponed by a year, but City Theatre decided to bring out “Sisters” on time nevertheless. Pascal Rambert is a dramatist, writer, director, choreographer and a film director. He first staged “Sisters” in Paris with Marina Hands and Audrey Bonnet and after that in Madrid with Barbara Lennie and Irene Escolar. In Tallinn City Theatre’s version, the sisters are played by Külli Teetamm and Evelin Võigemast.



Evelin Võigemast – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for best actress


Pascal Rambert


Pascal Rambert

Set design by

Pascal Rambert

Translated by

Triin Sinissaar


8. December 2020


Salme Cultural Centre's Small Stage (Salme 12)


1 hour and 30 minuts, in one act

The production was supported by:
The French Institute of Estonia