Enigma variations

Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Artjom Garejev

Artyom Gareev’s debut production in Tallinn City Theatre.

The eccentric writer and Nobel prize laureate Abel Znorko lives on a small destitute Norwegian island. Despite his favourite and most common genre being philosophical novel, his last book is composed of passionate love letters that he has exchanged over the years with a woman called Eva Larmor. One day, a local county journalist Erik Larsen comes to interview the writer and he has a lot of questions about the heroine of the book. This triggers a psychological cat-and-mouse game around love and lies, where the roles are swapped several times.


2020 Egon Nuter – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for best actor
2020 Andrus Vaarik – Tallinn City Theatre’s colleague award for best actor


Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt


Artjom Garejev

Translated by

Margus Alver

Set design by

Rosita Raud (Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences)

Lighting design by

Teet Orupõld

Camera operator

Nikolai Alhazov (Russian Theatre of Estonia)

Video design by

Lauri Urb


14. December 2019


Small Stage


2 hours, in one act

The cast

Andrus Vaarik (Endla Theatre)