Tallinn City Theatre

A vibrant repertory theatre in Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn City Theatre

Tallinn City Theatre is one of the most renowned theatre companies in Estonia. Under the artistic direction of Elmo Nüganen (since 1992), the theatre has also featured productions by Adolf Shapiro, Jaanus Rohumaa, Mart Koldits and other celebrated directors. The theatre is well known for its playful Chekhov adaptations („An Unfinished Piece for Player Piano“), immersive classical works („Romeo and Juliet“, „Crime and Punishment“), heartfelt plays by Jaan Tätte, and for its ensemble feel. More recently, an influx of young writers and directors (Priit Võigemast, Diana Leesalu and Paavo Piik) has increased the troupe and brought interesting takes on contemporary life, modernity and Estonian society.


Due to high demand and relatively small stages, the tickets are hard to come by. (Try 1st of month, 11am at www.piletilevi.ee) When planning your visit from abroad, contact our sales manager Ms Greete Uustal g.uustal@linnateater.ee to secure tickets. All performances are in Estonian, except for performances at Midwinter Night's Dream festival.


Requests for cooperation: Triin Sinissaar, dramaturge,
Media requests: Margus Küppar, marketing manager, m.kyppar@linnateater.ee 

Midwinter Night's Dream

A small stage festival held at Tallinn City Theatre every two years during the wintry hours of December. Previous festivals have included productions by Frank Castorf, Peter Brooke and Kama Ginkas, as well as showcases of Latin American theatre and Dima Krymov. We invite productions which we like and which add something to the everyday feast of Estonian theatre audiences.

See festival webpage

Estonian Theatre 

Estonian Theatre is a unique phenomenon. The country has 1 million yearly theatre visits by a population of 1.3 million. There is a strong acting tradition, historically situated between Russian and German schools of thought, and an actor-focused, actor-fuelled, and actor-led tradition of directing. Modern Estonian theatre is pleasingly varied, from NO99's acclaimed devised theatre to Tallinn City Theatre's ensemble directing, from Theatrum's sacral to Von Krahl's ironic approach, not to mention the world-travelling contemporary dance artists Mart Kangro and Renate Valme, and  young conceptual theatre-hub Cabaret Rhizome. 
For more information: www.draamamaa.ee – watch out for Draamamaa weekends showcasing new Estonian theatre. From international festivals taking place in Estonia, try the Baltoscandal festival for avantgarde and Midwinter Night's Dream for more traditional contemporary theatre.