One summer evening the only son of a family returns from his journey, back to the small town, encapsulated in space and time. His sisters and his mother have been waiting long for this moment, waiting for him so that they could carry on with their lives. They have heard nothing from him ever since he left slamming the door years ago. Now he is here, on their doorstep, he is finally home.

The Frenchman Jean-Luc Lagarce's (1957-1995) play talks about expectations. Or to be more precise, about what happens when they are finally fulfilled. With his idiosyncratic poetic language and mesmerising stream of thought, Lagarce is still one of the most staged authors in French theatre. The current production by famed actor, pedagogue and translator Anu Lamp is the third time for Lagarce on Estonian stages and in Tallinn City Theatre after „Us, the Heroes“ (Elmo Nüganen, 2009) and „It's Only the End of the World“ (Uku Uusberg, 2010).


Helene Vannari - Tallinn City Theatre's Colleague Award for Best Supporting Actress, 2017