There are moments, when all the turning points of your life seem to flash in front of your eyes, like sometimes in a dream. The people closest to you, the ones who have influenced the course of your life, appear to you one by one. They’re the people you have desired, abandoned, supported, betrayed, loved… In “The Dream of Autumn” Jon Fosse takes a close look at a destiny of a man in his uniquely poetic and laconic, yet true-to-life style. The playwright himself has said about “The Dream of Autumn”, written in 1999, that its main character embodies his alter ego.

Jon Fosse, born in 1959, is the most renowned contemporary Norwegian playwright of our time, and also an author of prose and poetry, whose writings have been translated into more than forty languages. Fosse has received numerous prestigious awards, among them the Ibsen Award in 2010 and the European Prize for Literature in 2014. In 2011 the King of Norway gave him the permanent use of Grotten, a house situated on the territory of the Royal Palace of Oslo – this is the Norwegian monarchs’ traditional recognition for a person who has made a remarkable contribution to the Norwegian culture. Jon Fosse’s plays have been staged in Estonia before, but for Tallinn City Theatre it was a first encounter with this playwright.

The play is not recommended for children under 14.