Dennis Kelly (born 1970) is one of the most interesting British playwrights of the younger generation, often dealing in his work with the materialistic world’s influence on human relationships and values. This is the first of his texts to be produced in Estonia, but in addition to his homeland his play have been well received in Germany and elsewhere in the continental Europe. “Love and Money” uses fragmentary scenes to take a look at the life of a young couple, Jess and David, and the people around them.

Kelly wrote “Love and Money” in 2006, that is a short time before the economic crisis that we’re still struggling to overcome today. Kelly is pondering over topics that have become a reality for many people at the time of the recession. He is trying to understand our notion of buying, selling and lending. And how can emotions fit in the picture.

In this production, Sander Pukk is continuing a search for his unique handwriting as a director that we already witnessed in Ravenhill’s “Pool (no water)” that he staged in Ugala in 2013. It means combining visual images with the text and a much bigger social message, compared to “Biloxi Blues” (2011) that was his previous production in Tallinn City Theatre. In 2014 Sander Pukk received the title of “Future Star” from "Estonian Express" weekly.