When writer Mark Styler arrives to an isolated mental hospital in order to interview a famous serial killer for his new book, most members of the audience probably feel an instant urge to tell him to get away from there immediately. Indeed, the sense that something very strange is going on, will prove to be right soon enough. However, as the story develops, the playwright will turn the whole story upside down several times, toying with the audience’s expectations and attentiveness like a cat with a mouse. Anthony Horowitz’s thriller offers black humour and suspense, but also an opportunity to think about why violence is such a self-evident part of the entertainment business and why is it so easy for criminals to become celebrities.

 Anthony Horowitz (1955) is a British novelist, scriptwriter and playwright, who mainly specialises in horror stories and thrillers. In addition to his highly popular “Alex Rider” series he’s the screenwriter for several well-known TV shows (such as “Midsomer Murders”).

The play is not recommended for children under 14 years.
The production includes some scenes where people smoke.