„I don’t know how to write about the present time. It’s easier to write about something that’s already in the past. When History has picked out what’s important. But the present? All right. The action takes place just around the corner – do you know the fast food restaurant by the parking lot? It’s a good place to get a bite to eat, because you’ll never meet anyone you know. It’s an autumn day in the city. A man comes in. More than anything, he wishes to say something. But he doesn’t know how. He’s an eternal student, looking for a job where there is a minimum amount of responsibility. Then there’s a young girl who simply came in to get a latte. There are several more people who have been kind of pushed over the edge, because madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, nations and eras it’s a norm.” Paavo Piik “End of the Chain” is Paavo Piik’s second play. This spring the young playwright graduates from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. “End of the Chain” won the third prize at the Estonian Theatre Agency’s playwriting competition 2011.